Luwex Products

From our shop located near Warburg, Alberta we stock a variety of quality Luwex Products including horse pads, hoof packing and knives.

Luwex Pads & Snowtime Pads for Winter

  • Luwex pads are made from a very durable, flexible and well thought design. We are confident that Luwex pads are the best plastic pad on the market. The Luwex Pad is ideal for any horse orthopedic issues.

  • Luwex pads provides excellent support and is ideal for tired and sore tendons as it absorbs the concussion as the horse walks while giving support to make walking easier.

  • The Luwex pad is designed for use with a flexible hoof packing material. The mesh design enables the heels to expand together with the pad maintaining the natural bio-mechanics of the hoof.



Luwex Hoof Packing

Luwex provides an extensive line of products including Air Ride, M15XXL, MB12. Also Premium Sport Hoof Pack, 120S Hoof Pack and Premium Hoof Pack.

Luwex Hand Crafted Knives

High quality, hand crafted knives and handles made by Joseph Luber. The knives come with interchangeable blades.


luwex knife

View samples of the Luwex products we carry below:


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