Natural Horse Care Products

We are proud horse owners and as a result, we understand the importance of maintaining your horse's health. We provide a variety of natural Horse Care Products from our Alberta based farrier supply store including:

Rebound Hoof Pack

Rebound is an all natural, sticky hoof packing, formulated to draw pain, soreness, and inflammation from the horse's hoof, without having to wrap.

Kevin Bacon Horse Care Products

Kevin Bacon products are top quality and natural Hoof Care products, made in Belgium. Their list of products include H Formula, Hoof Dressing, Liquid Hoof Dressing, Hoof Solution, and Active Soap.

Omega Alpha Natural Equine Supplements

Omega Alpha is a natural line of products, for horses, cats, dogs, and human. Why choose Omega Alpha? Because IT WORKS!!

Fiske's Animal Care Products

Fiske's is an anti-fungal, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and antiseptic, 100% natural product line. Fiske's is manufactured in Nova Scotia and is used for preventative and restorative use.

Ecoliscious Equestrian Horse Grooming Products

Ecoliscious is a natural horse care and grooming line, made of natural and organic ingredients, free of chemicals, silicones and parabens.

Life Data Equine Supplement

Life Data is a horse supplement which provides nutrients for healthy hoof structure and growth.


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