Quality Farrier Tools

We believe in carrying top quality farrier tools.

From our Alberta based farrier supply shop we stock a variety of hammers, knives, hoof testers, hoof guages, fullers, clenchers, nippers, creased nail pullers, sharpening sets, specialty draft nippers, punches, pritchels, tongs and if we don't have it, let us know what you are looking for!

Some of the brands we carry are: Lopez, Luwex, Derek Gardner, Steven Beane, Flatland Forge, Bloom Forge, Jon Atkinson, CF Gunworks, Tosaky Forge, Bassoli, Blurton, Pferd, Paul Mitchell, Hall.

  • Luwex Knives - Handcrafted and finished by Josef Luber, made in Germany. These top quality knives are made with handcrafted handles. Knives come with a unique designed handle, where blades can be interchanged.

  • Lopez Nippers - Handcrafted by Joe Lopez, former GE toolmaker, are made with high quality steel and hand finished to provide maximum cutting performance. Joe Lopez has an established reputation for quality workmanship. Try a pair of Lopez nippers today!!

  • Derek Gardner - A variety of superior horseshoe making tools, manufactured by Derek Gardner, one of the world's top farriers. Stylish and superior, and finished and inspected by Derek Gardner himself.

  • Flatland Forge - Jim Poor manufactures premium forging tools, for both horseshoeing and blacksmithing. Manufactured in Texas.

  • CF Gunworks - Brandon Fouch, from Frankfort, Indianna, manufactures a high quality line of farrier hammers.

  • Blurton - World class tools from a world class farrier, handcrafted in the UK by Jim Blurton.

  • Jon Atkinson Tools - High quality farrier tools, handcrafted in the UK by farrier, Jon Atkinson.

  • Tosaky Forge - Quality tools, handmade by Tony Kingery, of Colorado.

  • Steven Beane Tools & Knives - Handmade by UK Farrier Steven Beane

  • Bloom Forge - Maximum performance, great attention to detail, top quality farrier tools manufactured by Roy Bloom.

  • Bassoli - Beautiful, quality, knives, manufactured in Italy by Giorgio Bassoli.

  • Pferd - Precise, sharpening sets for knives

  • Hall Knives - A fine line of knives, handcrafted and finished and made in Calgary.

View samples of the quality Farrier Tools we carry below:


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