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From our Alberta based Farrier Supply shop we stock a variety of horseshoe brands and sizes.

Werkman Horseshoes - "Skilled Focus on Improving Farriery"

Ryder Workaholic Stamped2Werkman Horseshoes continuously identifies and analyzes new developments in hoof care. In response to the changing preferences of the market, they refine, optimize, and innovate their assortment of horseshoes. This is a continuous process.

Perfectly Detailed Quality Horseshoes

Werkman's highly automated plant ensures the manufacture of quality horseshoes with considerable attention to finish and nail placement. Werkman Horseshoes also develops horseshoes from the perspective of the farrier, which helps you excel in your craft and thus results in a healthy hoof and a high performance from the horse.

The current assortment of Werkman Horseshoes consists of a broad range of horseshoes. They vary in dimensions, thickness, width, weight, and profile. They are precisely tailored to the type of hoof, the soil, and climatological factors. The broad assortment enables you, the farrier, to select the horseshoe that best fits your personal taste, requirements, and technique.

Click here for downloable Werkman brochures, characteristics and sizing charts for shoe styles.


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