About The Shoe Box Farrier Supply - Canadian Farrier Supply Store

christopher and chandra klattThe Shoe Box Farrier Supply is a Canadian Farrier Supply Store based in Alberta, Canada.

The Shoe Box team consists of Christopher, Chandra, and their daughters. Christopher has been around horses all his life and is passionate about working with his horses, riding and driving them. Although not a full time farrier, Christopher did take a farrier course years back and continued to work on our own horses and others in the local area, while also working as a full time welder.

Many years later, and now no longer a welder, Christopher's experience in the welding trade has lead him into designing and building custom tool boxes, foot stands, anvil stands and other projects for farriers.

Christopher Klatt is the guy on the other end of the phone, taking calls, taking orders, answering questions, and he is also the guy making deliveries and visiting farriers at the barns, and attending events throughout the year, and helping out at farrier competitions or wherever he is needed! Christopher is also an Equine Energy Worker.

Chandra takes care of the office works and enjoys heading out to shows, attending events, traveling around meeting new people, working with stock and inventory, taking and filling orders, shipping and receiving.

The journey so far has been fantastic, the people we have met, and the connections we have made, we are truly grateful for! It is more than we had ever dreamed of and it just keeps getting better each and every day!

We look forward to working with farriers and horse people alike, and would love to hear from you!


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Telephone: (780) 335-7463

Box 253
Warburg, Alberta
T0C 2T0